How's That HUMAN?

Through her many years of doing research and teaching students of various ages in different institutions, Ms.C wanted to find a way to reach students on a more personal level. Since humans are already an icon for life science, what better way to reach kids than through the study of themselves or things they use and see in their environment. More importantly, all branches of science can be related to life science. The How’s That Human? series addresses many important scientific concepts from Chemistry, Physics, Earth Science, and Space Science and ties them to humanity whether inside the body itself or to everyday items, tools, or processes students interact with. Ms.C is also a believer in the potential of all students, and feels that certain scientific concepts deemed too difficult for elementary age students should not be. The more we introduce to young minds, the more we inspire the problem solvers of the future!

*Book and included experiments aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)